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Israel-Hizbullah conflict: Victims of rocket attacks and IDF casualties

12 Jul 2006

July-August 2006

Since July 12, 43 Israeli civilians and 119 IDF soldiers have been killed.
(Note: The figure for civilians includes four who died of heart attacks during rocket attacks.)

July 12, 2006

- Killed in IDF patrol jeeps:

  • Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Eyal Benin, 22, of Beersheba
  • Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Shani Turgeman, 24, of Beit Shean
  • Sgt.-Maj. Wassim Nazal, 26, of Yanuah

- Tank crew hit by mine in Lebanon:

  • St.-Sgt. Alexei Kushnirski, 21, of Nes Ziona
  • St.-Sgt. Yaniv Bar-on, 20, of Maccabim
  • Sgt. Gadi Mosayev, 20, of Akko
  • Sgt. Shlomi Yirmiyahu, 20, of  Rishon Lezion

- Killed trying to retrieve tank crew:

  • Sgt. Nimrod Cohen, 19, of Mitzpe Shalem

Eyal Benin
Shani Turgeman
Wassim Nazal
Nimrod Cohen

Alexei Kushnirski
Yaniv Bar-on
Gadi Mosayev
 Shlomi Yirmiyahu

July 13, 2006

  • Two Israelis were killed by Katyusha rockets fired by Hizbullah: Monica Seidman (Lehrer), 40, of  Nahariya  was killed in her home; Nitzo Rubin, 33, of Safed, was killed while on his way to visit his children. 

Monica Seidman (Lehrer)
Nitzo Rubin


July 14, 2006

  • Omer Pesachov, 7, of Nahariya and his grandmother Yehudit Itzkovitch, 58, of Moshav Meron were killed by a Katyusha rocket in Meron.

Omer Pesachov
Yehudit Itzkovitch

  • Staff Sgt. Tal Amgar, 21, of Ashdod; Cpl. Shai Atias, 19, of Rishon Lezion; Sgt. Yaniv Hershkovitz, 21, of Haifa; and  First Sgt. Dov Steinshuss, 37, of Karmiel were killed by a Hizbullah missile attack on an Israeli naval vessel off the coast of Lebanon.

Tal Amgar
Shai Atias
Yaniv Hershkovitz
Dov Steinshuss

July 16, 2006

  • Eight employees of Israel Railways were killed in a direct hit by a Hizbullah rocket at the Haifa train depot:
    Shmuel Ben Shimon, 41, of Yokneam Illit; Asael Damti, 39, of Kiryat Yam; Nissim Elharar, 43, of Kiryat Ata; David Feldman, 28, of Kiryat Yam; Rafi Hazan, 30, of Haifa; Dennis Lapidos, 24, of Kiryat Yam; Reuven Levy, 46, of Kiryat Ata; and Shlomi Mansura, 35, of Nahariya.

Shmuel B. Shimon
Asael Damti
Nissim Elharar
David Feldman

Rafi Hazan
Dennis Lapidos
Reuven Levy
 Shlomi Mansura

July 18, 2006

  • Andrei Zelinksy, 36, of Nahariya was killed by a rocket on his way to a bomb shelter.

Andrei Zelinksy

July 19, 2006

  • St.-Sgt. Yonatan Hadasi, 21, of Kibbutz Merhavia and St.-Sgt. Yotam Gilboa, 21, of Kibbutz Maoz Haim were killed in exchanges of fire between IDF and Hizbullah in south Lebanon, near Moshav Avivim.
  • Rabia Abed Taluzi (3) and his brother Mahmoud (7) were killed in a Katyusha rocket attacka on Nazareth.

Yonatan Hadasi
Yotam Gilboa
Rabia Taluzi
 Mahmoud Taluzi

July 20, 2006

  • Maj. Benjamin (Benji) Hillman, 27, of Maccabim Re'ut; St.-Sgt. Refanael Muskal,  21, of Mazkeret Batya; St.-Sgt. Nadav Baeloha, 21, of Karmiel; St.-Sgt. Liran Saadia, 21, of Kiryat Shmona; and St.-Sgt. Yonatan (Sergei) Vlasyuk, 21, of Kibbutz Lahav were killed in exchanges of fire in the Lebanese village of Maroun al-Ras, near Avivim.
  • Maj. Ran Yehoshua Kochva, 37, of Beit Hanania, was killed when two Air Force combat helicopters collided close to Ramot Naftali, south of Kiryat Shmona.

Benji Hillman
Rafanael Muskal
Nadav Baeloha
Liran Saadia

Yonatan Vlasyuk
Ran Kochva

July 23, 2006

  • Shimon Glicklich, 60, of Haifa was killed while driving his car in Haifa.
  • Habib Isa Awad, 48, of Iblin, was killed while working in the carpentry shop in Kiryat Ata.

Shimon Glicklich
Habib Awad

July 24, 2006

  • 2nd Lt. Lotan Slavin, 21, of  Hatzeva was killed when an anti-tank missile hit his Merkava tank. St.-Sgt. Kobi Smileg, 20, of Rehovot was killed when another tank went over a powerful landmine.
  • Pilots Col. Zvi Luft, 42, of Kibbutz Hogla and 1st Lt. Tom Farkash, 23, of Caesarea were killed when their Apache helicopter crashed north of Safed while assisting ground troops in Lebanon.

Lotan Slavin
Kobi Smileg
Zvi Luft
Tom Farkash

July 25, 2006

  • Doua Abbas, 15, of Maghar was killed while watching TV when a rocket struck her home, located near the village mosque.
  • David Mazen, 75, of Bat Galim, Haifa, suffered a heart attack during a Katyusha strike, and collapsed and died while trying to reach a bomb shelter.

Doua Abbas
 David Mazen

July 26, 2006

  • Eight soldiers from the Golani Brigade were killed in battle in Bint Jbeil: Maj. Ro'i Klein, 31, of Eli; Lt. Amihai Merhavia, 24, of Eli; Lt. Alexander Shwartzman, 24, of Akko; Sgt. Shimon Adega, 21, of Kiryat Gat; St.-Sgt. Edan Cohen, 21, of Jaffa; St.-Sgt. Shimon Dahan, 20, of Ashdod;  Cpl. Ohad Klausner, 20, of Bet Horon; and Cpl. Assaf Namer, 27, of Kiryat Yam.
  • Paratrooper Lt. Yiftah Shreirer, 21, of Haifa was killed by an anti-tank missile near Maroun al-Ras.
  • Bakir Kurdi, 63, of Acre suffered a heart attack during a Katyusha attack on July 26. He died on August 11.

Ro'i Klein
Amihai Merhavia
Alex Schwartzman
Shimon Adega

Edan Cohen
Shimon Dahan
Ohad Klausner
 Assaf Namer

Yiftah Shreier

Aug 1, 2006

  • Lt. Ilan Gabai, 21, of Kiryat Tivon, St.-Sgt. Yonatan Einhorn, 22, of Moshav Gizmo, and St.-Sgt. Michael Levin, 21, of Jerusalem were killed in battles with Hizbullah in Aita a-Sha'ab in southern Lebanon.

Ilan Gabai
Yonatan Einhorn
Michael Levin

Aug 2, 2006

  • David Martin Lelchook, 52, of Kibbutz Sa'ar, north of Nahariya, was killed by a Katyusha rocket while riding his bike in the kibbutz.
  • Sgt. Adi Cohen, 18, of Hadera was killed in battle with Hizbullah in Aita a-Sha'ab in southern Lebanon

Dave Lelchook
Adi Cohen

Aug 3, 2006

  • Killed by Katyusha rockets in Acre: Shimon Zribi, 44, and his daugher Mazal, 15; Albert Ben-Abu, 41; Arieh Tamam, 51, and his brother Amos Tiran Tamam, 31 all of Acre.
  • Killed by a Katyusha rocket near Ma'alot-Tarshiha: Three Israeli Arabs from Tarshiha: Shanati Shanati, 18, Amir Naeem, 18, and Muhammed Fa'ur, 17.

Shimon Zribi
Mazal Zribi
Arieh Tamam
Tiran Tamam

Albert Ben-Abu
Shanati Shanati
Amir Naeem
 Muhammed Fa'ur

  • Sgt. Itamar Zur, 19, of Be'er Tuvia; Sgt. Andrei Brudner, 18, of Rishon Lezion; and Sgt. Alon Feintuch, 19, of Kiryat Haim were killed when their Merkava tank was hit by an anti-tank missile in Rajamin in southern Lebanon. Cpl. Yonatan Sharabi, 19, of Petah Tikva was killed by anti-tank fire in Taibeh.

Itamar Zur
Andrei Brudner
Alon Feintuch
Yonatan Sharabi

Aug 4, 2006

  • Manal Azzam, 27-year-old mother of two, was killed in the Arab Druze village of Maghar in the Galilee.
  • Bahaa al-Din Kareim, 35, and Muhammed Mana, 24, were killed in the Israeli Arab town of Majdal Krum.

Manal Azzam
Muhammed Mana
 Bahaa Kareim

  • St.-Sgt. Daniel Shiran, 20, of Haifa, and St.-Sgt. Omri Haim Almakayes-Yaakobovitch, 20, of Ramla of the Golani Brigade were killed overnight by an anti-tank missile in the south Lebanese village of Markabeh. Capt.(res.) Igor Rothstein, 34, of Moshav Poriah, a doctor who volunteered for reserve duty, was killed. 

Daniel Shiran
Ormi Almakayes
Igor Rothstein

Aug 5, 2006

  • Sgt. Or Shahar , 20, of Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, was killed by a mortar shell near the village of Nabi al-Awadi in the eastern sector of south Lebanon.
  • Cpl.(res.) Kiril Kashdan, 26, of Haifa was killed when an anti-tank missile hit a building in the soutm Lebanese village of Aita a-Sha'ab.

Or Shahar
Kiril Kashdan

  • Frida Kellner, 87, of Kiryat Ata died of a heart attack while taking cover in a bomb shelter during the rocket strikes on the Haifa suburbs.
  • Fadiya Juma'a, 58, and her daughters Samira, 30, and Sultana, 25, and  were killed in the courtyard of their home in the Bedouin village of Arab al-Aramshe near the border between Israel and Lebanon.

Frida Kellner
Fadiya Juma'a
Sultana Juma'a
Samira Juma'a

Aug 6, 2006

  • Twelve IDF reservists were killed by a Katyusha rocket near Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, north of Kiryat Shmona, as they were preparing to enter Lebanon. 
    Capt. Eliyahu Elkariaf, 34, of Moshav Granot
    CWO Yosef Karkash, 41, of Afula
    Warr.Ofc. Shmuel Halfon, 41, of Bat Yam
    St.-Sgt.Maj. Daniel Ben-David, 38, of Moshav Ahituv
    St.-Sgt.Maj. Shlomo Bucharis, 36, of Moshav Sde Yitzhak
    Sgt.-Maj. Ziv Balali, 28, of Kfar Sava
    Sgt.-Maj. Marian Berkowitz, 31, of Ashdod
    Sgt.-Maj. Ro’i Yaish, 27, of Herzliya
    St.-Sgt. Yehuda Greenfeld, 27, of Maale Michmas
    St.-Sgt. Shaul Shai Michlowitz, 21, of Netanya
    Sgt. Gregory Aharonov, 34, of Or Akiva
    Sgt.-Maj. Mordechai Abutbul, 28, of Shlomi

Eliyahu Elkariaf
Yosef Karkash
Shmuel Halfon
Daniel Ben-David

Shlomo Bucharis
Ziv Balali
Marian Berkowitz
 Ro'i Yaish

Yehuda Greenfeld
Shaul Michlowitz
Gregory Aharonov
Mordechai Abutbul

  • Three people were killed when rockets struck at seven residential locations in Haifa. Two have been named: Hana Hamam, 62, and Labiba Mazawi, 67, of Haifa, and Roni Rubinsky, 30, of Kiryat Motzkin.
    Dr. Tamara Lucca, 84, of Haifa, died of a heart attack on hearing the rockets fall near her home.

Hana Hamam
Labiba Mazawi
Roni Rubinsky

Tamara Lucca

Aug 7, 2006

  • Paratrooper St.-Sgt. Moshe (Malko) Ambao, 22, of Lod was killed in fighting in Bint Jbeil. Maj.(res.) Yotam Lotan, 33, of Kibbutz Beit Hashita and St.-Sgt.(res.) Noam Meirson, 23, of Jerusalem from the armored corps were killed by an anti-tank missile that struck the tank's turret. 
  • St.-Sgt. Philip Mosko, 21, of Maale Adumim, who served as a paramedic in the Paratrooper Brigade, was killed during exchanges of fire between IDF soldiers and Hizbullah in the village of Dibel, near Bint Jbeil.

Moshe Ambao
Yotam Lotan
Noam Meirson

Philip Mosko

Aug 8, 2006

  • Two IDF reservists were killed in the south Lebanese village of Labouna before dawn: Capt.(res.) Gilad Balhasan, 28, of Karmiel; and St.-Sgt.(res.) Yesamu Yalau, 26, of Or Yehuda. 
  • Two paratroopers were killed in Bint Jbeil: St.-Sgt. Oren Lifschitz, 21, of Kibbutz Gazit, and St.-Sgt. Moran Cohen, 21, of Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov.

Gilad Balhasan
Yesamu Yalau
Moran Cohen

Oren Lifschitz

Aug 9, 2006

  • 15 reserve soldiers were killed and 40 wounded in four different incidents in south Lebanon:
    A paratrooper was killed and 10 wounded by friendly fire from an IDF tank in the village of A-Taibeh in the eastern sector of south Lebanon.
    Nine paratroopers were killed and 11 wounded by anti-tank missiles fired on a house in the village of Debel, in the central sector.
    Four reservists from an armored brigade were killed when their tank was hit by an anti-tank missile, in Ayta al-Shaab.
    An infantryman was killed by a mortar near Marjayoun.
  • Capt.(res.) Gilad Stukelman, 26, of Moshav Tamrat
    Capt.(res.) Yoni (Leon) Shmucher, 30, of Bet Nehemiah
    Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Igor Kovalik, 26, of Upper Nazareth
    Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Noam Goldman, 27, of Tel Aviv
    Sgt.-Maj.(res.) David Shmidov, 25, of Jerusalem
    St.-Sgt.(res.) Nir Cohen, 22, of Maccabim
    St.-Sgt.(res.) Ben (Binyamin) Sela, 24, of Koranit
    Maj.(res.) Natan Yahav, 36, of Kiryat Ono
    Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Asher Reuven Novik, 36, of Kanaf
    St.-Sgt. Adi Salim, 22, of Beit Hashmonai
    Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Elad Dan, 25, of Kibbutz Eilot
    Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Gilad Zussman, 26,  of Eli
    Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Idan Kobi, 26, of Eilat
    Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Naor Kalo, 25, of Kibbutz Maagan Michael
    Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Nimrod Segev, 28, of Ramat Gan

Gilad Stukelman
Yoni Shmucher
Igor Kovalik
Noam Goldman

David Shmidov
Nir Cohen
Ben Sela
 Natan Yahav

Asher Novik
Adi Salim
Elad Dan
Gilad Zussman

Idan Kobi
Naor Kalo
Nimrod Segev

Aug 10, 2006

  • Mariam Assadi, 26, and her son Fathi Ahmed Assadi, 5, were killed in a direct hit by a Katyusha rocket on their home in the Israeli Arab village of Dir el-Asad.
  • IDF reservist Sgt.-Maj. Alon Samooha, 35, of Hod Hasharon was killed when a missile struck his tank in the el-Khiam area in south Lebanon.
  • Maj.(res.) Nimrod Hillel, 32, of Rosh Ha'ayin was killed in Labouna.

Mariam Assadi
Fathi Assadi
Alon Samooha
 Nimrod Hillel

Aug 11, 2006

  • Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Aharon Yehezkel, 32, of Kfar Yedidya was killed in exchanges of fire with Hizbullah terrorists in the south Lebanese village of Rashef.

Aharon Yehezkel

Aug 12, 2006

  • 19 IDF soldiers were killed in ground operations and 85 were injured. (Details of operations) 
    Capt. Shai Bernstein, 24, of Beersheva
    St.-Sgt. Tzahi Krips, 20, of Kibbutz Hama'apil
    St.-Sgt. Itai Steinberger, 21, of Karmei Yosef
    Sgt. Yosef Abitbol, 19, of Gan Ner
    Sgt. Yonatan Ankonina, 21, of Netanya
    Sgt. Yaniv Tamerson, 21, of Tzipori
    Cpl. Ya'ar Ben Giat, 19, of Nahsholim
    Cpl. Tomer Amar, 19, of Julis
    St.-Sgt. Amsa (Ami) Meshulami, 20, of Ofra
    Sgt. Yohann Zerbib, 22, of Tel Aviv
    Capt. Benaya Rein, 27, of Karnei Shomron
    St.-Sgt. Adam Goren, 21, of Kibbutz Ma'abarot
    Sgt. Alexander Bonimovitch, 19, of Netanya
    St.-Sgt. Oz Zemah, 20, of Maccabim-Reut
    Sgt. Haran Lev, 20, of Kibbutz Ma'ayan Barukh
    Sgt. Dan Breuer, 19, of Beit Hillel
    Cpl. Yigal Nissan, 19, of Ma'ale Adumim
    St.-Sgt. Ido Grabovsky, 20, of Rosh Ha'ayin
    St.-Sgt. Uri Grossman, 20, of Mevaseret Zion

Shai Bernstein
Tzahi Krips
Itai Steinberger
Yosef Abitbol

Yonatan Ankonina
Yaniv Tamerson
Ya'ar Ben Giat
 Tomer Amar

Amsa Meshulami
Yohann Zerbib
Benaya Rein
Adam Goren

Alex Bonimovitch
Oz Zemah
Haran Lev
 Dan Breuer

Yigal Nissan
Ido Grabovsky
Uri Grossman

  • Five aircrew members were killed when their helicopter was shot down by Hizbullah:
    Maj. Sami Ben-Naim, 39, of Rehovot
    Maj.(res) Nissan Shalev, 36, of Kibbutz Evron
    Capt. Daniel Gomez, 25, of Nehalim
    Warr.Ofc.(res.) Ron Mashiah, 33, of Gedera
    Sgt.-Maj. Keren Tendler, 26, of Rehovot

Sami Ben-Naim
Nissan Shalev
Daniel Gomez
 Ron Mashiah

Keren Tendler

Aug 13, 2006

  • Mahdi Hayat, 83, of Moshav Ya'ara was killed by a direct hit of a Katyusha rocket.

Mahdi Hayat (old photo)

  • Nine IDF soldiers were killed in fighting in south Lebanon.
    Lt.(res.) Eliel Ben-Yehuda, 24, of Kfar Tavor
    Lt.(res.) Tzur Zarhi, 27, of Moshav Nahalal
    Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Guy Hasson, 24, of Moshav Na'ama
    St.-Sgt.(res.) Yaniv Shainbrum, 24, of Mei Ami
    St.-Sgt.(res.) David Amar, 24, of Kiryat Shmona
    St.-Sgt.-Maj.(res.) Amitai Yaron, 44, of Zichron Ya'akov
    St.-Sgt. Peter Ochotzky, 23, of Lod
    St.-Sgt.(res.) Elad Shlomo Ram, 31, of Haifa
    St.-Sgt. Evgeny Timofeev, 20, of Rishon Lezion

Eliel Ben-Yehuda
Tzur Zarhi
Guy Hasson
 Yaniv Shainbrum

David Amar
Amitai Yaron
Peter Ochotzky
Elad Ram

Evgeny Timofeev

* * * * *

Aug 19, 2006

  • Lt.-Col. Emanuel Moreno, 35, of Moshav Tlamim was killed before dawn in an operation of the General Staff Reconnaissance Unit near Baalbek to prevent the smuggling of arms from Iran and Syria to Hizbullah.

Aug 23, 2006

  • St.-Sgt. Alex Asaf, 21, of Karmiel, was killed by a mine in south Lebanon.

Alex Asaf

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